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Domestic and sexual violence agency near me serving Allen, Anderson, Neosho and Woodson counties
Hope Starts Here
Hope Starts Here

NOTICE CONCERNING COVID-19:  Hope Unlimited prioritizes the health, safety and well-being of all we serve.  We will continue to make decisions with vigilance as informed by the CDC and KDHE regulations as COVID-19 continues to evolve.  Please check our Facebook page for immediate notices and information regarding our services.

Mission Statement

Hope Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit, community based organization operated by staff and trained volunteers who provide support to victims of family violence and sexual assault. Hope Unlimited attempts to promote an understanding of the cause and effects of violence, hoping that through such understanding, such violence can be eliminated.

Our Services

Since 1984, Hope Unlimited has provided 24-hour assistance to victims of violence and abuse in southeast Kansas. We have spent 25 years working to provide shelter, victim advocacy and outreach to those in need.   Through our various programs, we provide the following services to victims of family violence and sexual assault.

Emergency Shelter

The emergency shelter of Hope Unlimited operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to provide a safe, compassionate setting for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Outreach Services

Support groups are provided as well as supportive counseling, safety planning, and related victim advocacy. The Outreach Program of Hope Unlimited includes many different services outside of the shelter.

Visitation Center

The Child Exchange and Parenting Center was created to provide children and their families with a neutral, safe and secure environment in which to conduct parental exchanges as well as court ordered supervised visitation, and other care. 

Child Advocacy Center

A child focused Center where children of all ages can speak to trained professionals about allegations of child abuse.  It is a special place where children can go to talk about difficult things.  Referrals are then made for other services such as therapy, medical care, court advocacy and more.

If you are not in the service area, try the Statewide Emergency Hotline:

Kansas Statewide Hotline 1-888-END-ABUSE

You can speak with a Kansas hotline advocate or to the domestic violence/sexual assault program nearest you. Interpreter services are available.

Just a reminder: Email is not the best way to contact us for direct services.  Please call us for assistance at (620) 365-7566.

24 hour hotline for victim assistance

Trained advocates and volunteers are available for assistance by calling-620-365-7566. 

Crisis Intervention Counseling

Support counseling is available with advocates and an on-site therapist is available by appointment to provide trauma informed therapy.

Safety Planning

With the help of trained advocates, survivors can develop a personal safety plan that helps them prioritize their individual safety needs.

Information & Referral for other resources

Advocates work closely with survivors to understand the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, while providing referrals to other community resources relevant to the survivor’s needs.

Goal Planning

Advocates help survivors develop an action plan for navigating the crisis and safely work toward an attainable set of goals, free from violence. 

Support Groups

Various support groups are available to survivors of violence and abuse.  Some function as peer-to-peer groups and others involve a therapist and an advocate led group.  Financial empowerment support groups are also available.  Groups can be tailored around the participant’s needs.

Hospital Response

Advocates can provide immediate response to the ER in cases of sexual assault or domestic violence as a source of support for the survivor.  Advocates work closely with area hospitals to ensure that the needs of survivors are met during such a sensitive and stressful event.

Court Advocacy

Advocates are available to help survivors understand the criminal legal system and the process for obtaining protection orders.

Give Hope

Hope Starts Here

Our services depend on donations to help meet matching requirements for grants and to build reserves for future services or emergencies.   We appreciate monetary donations to help us  keep our services operating.  You can donate now by clicking on the “Donate” button.  You can also mail a donation to Hope Unlimited, 406 North Buckeye, Iola, Kansas 66749.   Or even stop by our office. We would love to  visit with you about our services!